Health tips

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1. Hot and spicy to tears, what to do?
If you accidentally eat the hot food that makes you shed tears, your first thought will be probably a glass of water. However, hot water is not a solution, it will make it more spicy. In fact, the best solution is to drink hot milk.

2. Soak a little vinegar before cutting taros
Cutting taro can make your hands itching. Soaking your hands in vinegar before cutting taros will prevent your hands from itching.

3. How to slow down potato germination?
Potato buds contain toxic alkaloids which can cause abdominal pain and dizziness. Placing an apple in potatoes can significantly delay their germination time. Ethylene gas produced by apple has hampered the effectiveness of potato development.

Putting apples together with papayas or kiwi will make them ripe faster. Further, apples can make persimmon astringency disappear but sweeten after a week.

4. How to do a continuous chest compression CPR?